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Your menu can be added below. Your menu can be expanded using:

  • Images
  • Links via PDF
  • Our menu program!


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Note: you have 3 options for your online menu:

  1. Use our Custom Online Menu Program
    1. Requires more work on your part, but is BEST for YOUR CUSTOMERS!  (Over 90% of your visitors will be using a mobile phone!)
    2. Works GREAT on all devices
    3. Includes an AUTOMATIC generate printable PDF menu for people to download (and print if they want)
    4. You can upload photos of your dishes and include nice descriptions and prices
    5. Allows you to have unlimited menu sections (categories) and unlimited products (dishes, drinks, etc.)
  2. Upload a PDF file of your menu
    1. Super easy to do
    2. Difficult to read on small screens (mobile devices)

  3. Upload images of your menu
    1. Easy to do
    2. Images will be small (too small to read) for mobile users.


Use our electronic menu program to give your customers the best experience!


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