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We do our best to get 5 star reviews!


We also have a professional, 2 step feedback and reviews program that is operated via our website editor (CMS).

There is only one place where you can control the progress of the comments, and it is on your web page.

Residents can help you get the comments you get.

  • Note: You will not get good comments, if you do not deserve them!

The reviews program is an easy, two-step process to control and mediate between the two steps.

  1. Feedback
  2. Reviews

Step 1: Feedback

You become more proactive when requesting comments from your website, and also when you visit customers at your tables. Make sure that the manager suggests to the clients that they provide their comments about their experience on your website!

The value as owner or manager

This is very important for you as a restaurant owner or manager, because it gives you the information you need to know if you are doing well or need to make changes.

It can help you identify problems with employees as well. Your waiters are working for your clients and they can destroy your business. Even if your food is fresh and top-notch, a bad employee can destroy you.

Our program will help you know if there are problems with employees as well!

Comments are NOT posted automatically on your site!

When a customer makes a comment, you receive an alert (by email, or text message or both), or you can deactivate the alerts as well. Alerts give you a link or login to respond to comments.

You read the comment and respond accordingly.

About your NPS (Net Promoter Score)

When your client writes a comment, they rate you from 0 to 10, which is converted for the 5-star program when you decide to publish the result of your comments.

  • 0-6 is a Detractor
  • 7-8 is a Passive
  • 9-10 is a Promoter

You have control of what happens depending on the review they give you. Typically, the restaurant owners set up their program so that anyone who gives a Promoters Score of 9 or 10 (which is equal to 4.5 or 5.0) automatically advances to step 2: reviews.

  • If the feedback is a Detractor, You give them a custom message that you create or send to another page of your choice.
  • If the feedback is a Passive, you give them a custom message that you create or send to another page of your choice, or you can send to reviews if you want.

Step 2: Reviews.

After reading the customer comments, you can choose to activate it and make it show on your site or not.

  • If you activate it, then the score converts to the 5-star scale and automatically appears on your web page. (You do not need to publish it, you only need to update the program of your comments, and you can see it).

For example:

  • A score of 7 = 3.5 stars
  • A score of 8 = 4.0 stars
  • A score of 9 = 4.5 stars
  • A score of 10 = 5.0 stars

Participate in the Reviews Platforms of your Choice

You can also send your clients to one or more review platforms once they have submitted their comments.  All you need to do is put it in your URL (on the platform where you can choose the reviews) in the reviews setup.

All review platforms are available for you to choose. AFTER a good comment, your clients can send a comment on any of the platforms they choose and that you control.

(There are images for each reviews platform and all they have to do is touch the images and paste what they have given for feedback!)

An example of our Professional Feedback & Reviews Program is Below.

You can try it, go ahead!!

  • Tap on the "Provide Feedback Now" button

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